Friday, September 15, 2006

Heroes and Liars

Before moving on to another topic, I want to say that during the same week I wrote yesterday’s post asking for, crying out for, really, people to stand up to the current tide, one man already had.

On MSNBC, Keith Olbermann spoke for nearly nine minutes on the outrages committed by our government in the names of all of us Americans since 9/11, and of the Administration’s and the President’s continuing use of 9/11 as a goad and a justification for the war they sought long before the towers fell. The facts are in. Even the Bush Administration does not dispute them any longer:

• Neither Saddam Hussein, nor his regime, nor the Iraqi people had ANYTHING to do with the September 11 attacks or with Al Qaeda. It just kills them to admit it, but admit it they do. President Bush himself reaffirmed the truth of it in his remarks to the nation on 9/11/2006.

• The danger on which the Bush Administration sold the Iraq War to the American people, to many of its allies around the world, and to the UN, that Saddam Hussein and Iraq possessed weapons of mass destruction, WAS NOT TRUE.

But these facts, now acknowledged by all sides, do not deter the President from plowing right ahead with his program of misinformation. It is as if he and Cheney and Rice et al think that the rest of us are so much dumber than they are that all they have to do is keep juxtaposing the invasion of Iraq right next to 9/11 whenever they speak of it and WE WON’T NOTICE. We will continue to believe the lie. “Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain. I am the Great and Powerful Oz.”

It is one thing to say you had false intelligence at the time, but when you are now acknowledging publicly that that intelligence was wrong, that there was no involvement in 9/11 by Iraq, that there were no weapons of mass destruction, yet you continue to link the two by proximity in speeches and in writing, then you are, in fact, perpetuating a lie, a deliberate falsehood.

Shame on you, President Bush. You are using 9/11. Your ugly actions cannot tarnish our memories of those innocent people who were lost; you don’t have that power. But surely, by the reckoning of any religion or moral code, to attempt to do so by perpetuating these lies is a sin.

Stand tall, Keith. You did yourself, your network, and your country proud. I thank you. I join you in calling for change. No more lies. No more, President Bush. No more wars. No more violations of the Geneva Convention and U.S. laws. No More.


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