Sunday, February 04, 2007

Meandering Musings

Rest well, valiant Barbaro. You captured us with your heart and courage, and you displayed those qualities throughout your brave fight. We’ll miss you, and we’ll remember you. Run free.

Self-destruct ’08. Why is announcing one’s candidacy for the Presidential race suddenly a signal for exhibiting all the oratorical grace of John Kerry? Could the Senator’s affliction be contagious? Perhaps we should ask Hilary. Hey, Hil, you don’t indulge in public man bashing while you’re still married to the bozo. Also, in the “Kids, Don’t Try this at Home” vein, leave the lightening up to people who were born with a sense of humor. Not to be outdone, Sen. Joe Biden launched his Presidential bid by referring to opponent Barack Obama as, among other things, articulate and clean. What, Joe, did you forget thrifty and brave? You have many defenders for this indefensible speech. I am not one of them. When is the last time you ever referred to any white person as either articulate or clean? My take? If it quacks like a racist . . .

How very sad that Molly Ivins will not be here to enlighten and amuse as we head into this campaign. Too soon gone, sister. Your unique voice and keen perspective will be sorely missed. Breast cancer has taken another light from our world.

Poor Charlie Crist. First, he missed out on an extravagant gubernatorial inaugural, forced by public outcry to settle for the good cloth coat version of a ball, and now he has to miss the Super Bowl freebie as host governor to show sensitivity for all the Floridians who lost lives and homes in this past week’s dreadful overnight storm. C’mon, govs just want to have fun.

Finally, bless all of the victims and survivors of the Central Florida storm. It seems to me the terror of being torn from a cozy bed into the total insanity of an F3 tornado makes the experience so much more dreadful, as if there was no safety in the world.