Saturday, September 16, 2006

A Good Day

Today, I watched a 3-month-old black Shar-Pei puppy lift its paw and paw at the edge of a lake, a body of water it was clearly seeing for the first time. Then I bent down and touched her beautiful wrinkled hide and bristly fur. She wasn’t soft.

Today, I experienced the delight of a bite of excellent key lime pie, exquisite in its dance of tart with sweet on my tongue.

Today, I sat under an enormous pine tree and watched the light that filtered through its feathery needles.

Today, I drank a perfectly delicious bottle of very cold water when I was thirsty.

Today, I sank into a dream while napping.

Today, I stroked a lizard. I stepped out my front door and there he was, clearly delineated in the outside light, a tiny orange-brown lizard stretched out nose-to-tail perfectly straight on one of the top branches of the potted Norfolk pine on my front steps. I put out my finger, mostly expecting he would dash off as lizards do, but perhaps he was surprised or perhaps he thought himself invisible. In any case, he stayed perfectly still, as I so very lightly and gently stroked my finger down the length of him. He still didn’t move until I held out the flat of my hand in an invitation to climb aboard, and then he leapt quickly and competently out of sight.

Today, I stroked a lizard. It was a good day.


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